my niece was playing at the shallow end of a very large, very deep mud puddle. she saw a bee, got scared, fell completely in the puddle, got more scared, and was traumatized enough that during lunch, the only things she said were “bee bee,” “fall fall,” and “puddle puddle.”

Giles: You had another dream, with Angel? What happened?
Buffy [hesitates]: Oh, we don’t need to get sidetracked.
(After Buffy & Angel are in each other’s sex dream). Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 3, Episode 10: Amends. (via reallydr-mcbones)






She would’ve loved watching you two falling in love.

Perfect gifset is perfect

Yes. Yes it is.

She would’ve loved watching you two falling in love? BREAK MY HEART WHY DONT YOU

Can’t you just imagine her giving snarky but sensible advice from the sidelines, occasionally butting in and setting Beckett straight? Just like Martha for Castle? In fact imagine her meeting Martha, and the two of them getting along like a house on fire, and getting together for a drink and talking about how their children are idiots and why are they taking so long to figure it out and fall in love and start making some grandbabies already?…

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